Terse Llama Gives Medical Advice

Dear Terse Llama, I had a nightmare about a penguin dying on a hot sidewalk in August although it might’ve been a dalmatian or maybe a tablecloth… I’m not an ornithologist. How do I turn this nightmare into a recurring nightmare? It was a little disturbing but I feel that dreaming about penguins will take […]

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Get Terse Medical Advice from a Llama

[Note:  The Super-intelligent Bio-engineered Dog is not available due to a misunderstanding over yellow-cake uranium.  But, a random llama has offered to stand in] Dear Terse Llama, My husband has recently started thinking that he is an animal.  He sneaks into our neighbor’s chicken coop and eats the man’s chickens.  Is he crazy? Wit’s End […]

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