Why We are Going Back to the Moon

[NASA announced that they are sending astronauts back to the Moon. Why? And, why now?] Buzz Aldrin thinks he dropped his cuff-link. ֎ Yes, housing prices are getting THAT high here on Earth. ֎ NASA engineers are tired having nothing to do all day. If they couldn’t keep busy working on the details of a […]

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Conspiracy Theories of Note

Elvis Presley: Some people think that Elvis did NOT die in 1977. The prevailing theory amongst these people is that he died in 1936 and was replaced with a look-alike, also named Elvis Presley. John F. Kennedy: Did Oswald kill Kennedy? Some say that John Kennedy was so intelligent that his brain exploded out of […]

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Things I Hate that are Blue

Smurfs: Frank Herbert in the science-fiction series, Dune, invented an entire culture and vocabulary. Anthony Burgess created an entire language in A Clockwork Orange. The Smurfs simply replaced random nouns, verbs and adjectives with the word “smurf”. That is really smurfed up… The Sky: Tornadoes, hail, lightening, comets… just some of the many gifts we […]

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How to Get Away with MURDER

Try to avoid leaving evidence behind. Don’t drop any hairs, fibers, saliva, sperm, eye-juice, old comic books or personal checks… If someone feels you have a grudge against the deceased, you will receive extra scrutiny. Be nice to your intended victim… really nice; but, if you end up having sex, REMEMBER, don’t drop any hairs, […]

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