Why We are Going Back to the Moon

Out of this world: What it's really like to to walk on the moon | The  Independent | The Independent

[NASA announced that they are sending astronauts back to the Moon. Why? And, why now?]

Buzz Aldrin thinks he dropped his cuff-link.


Yes, housing prices are getting THAT high here on Earth.


NASA engineers are tired having nothing to do all day. If they couldn’t keep busy working on the details of a lunar landing, they might get bored, quit and find real jobs.


The guy we left up there in the early seventies is starting to lose hope.


It’s closer than Mercury and smells better than Venus.


Well, the moon has been so… distant, lately…


Tom Cruise needs an action sequence for the next Mission: Impossible movie and he’s already climbed everything on Earth.


We will be setting up a moon station to determine if living on a bleak, sterile environment bombarded continuously with deadly charged particles is still better than living in Akron.


We need to retrieve more samples of moon-rock and dust because geologists have run out of stuff to study here on Earth and are hitting the bottle a little earlier each day.


They need a some astronauts to stand on the moon’s surface and throw rocks at any satellite who owner hasn’t paid NASA for “protection”…

13 thoughts on “Why We are Going Back to the Moon

  1. That guy from the 70s is blackmail NASA with Buzz’s cuff links. If they don’t return he’s gonna give them to the aliens to use for their anal probes

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