When to Think about Quitting the Ship You are on

Meet 'Moskito,' Heesen's New 180-Foot 'Shark-Tooth' Superyacht – Robb Report

The Captain re-purposes the crew cabins to the “indoor swimming deck”…


Enterprising stewards are selling partial ownership in some of the lifeboats.


Working-class teenagers onboard are rushing to finish their nude sketches of Kate Winslet.


The ship’s captain gave a “field promotion” to the ship’s photographer and is nowhere to be found.


The bilge rats have stopped showing up for work.


Because the stove and fryer are under water, the kitchen will only be serving sandwiches until further notice.


Evil aristocrats on board are staying dressed as old women 24/7 in case there is a shortage of lifeboats.


You see sharks in your wake with napkins tied under their chins and silverware in each fin.


The ship’s photographer asks the passengers if any of them knows how to fix a massive hole in a cruise ship.


The special of the day is sashimi which can be found swimming around on the three lowest decks.

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