My Mystery, Cha Nine

As they walked into Maude’s Inn, Goober Partridge and Kossov Dith gave contented sighs. “What great hamburgers!”, exclaimed Partridge. “And, that coffee!” “And, the onions, fried until almost brown…” “Yum!”, agreed Kossov. There was a pause… “Do you have any Imodium?”, asked the great detective. Kossov opened his case. “I’ll see if there is enough […]

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My Mystery, Cha Seven

Partridge asked for the chambermaid, next; and, while the two were waiting, Kossov asked, “So, do you think it was the cook?” “I briefly considered that his monkey might’ve scraped the caramel off the flan while he committed the murder; but, having seen that flan, I noticed no more than the usual amount of monkey […]

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My Mystery, Cha Six

“Bring me the cook”, Partridge called out. Kossov went to the library door and conveyed the order to the head butler. When he returned to the center of the room, the great detective was looking upward. He took Kossov Dith lightly by the shoulder and stepped back a few paces. “See there?”, he said pointing, […]

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My Mystery, Cha Five

Partridge took the bearded Russian to his arms and embraced him. “Finally, a familiar face!” Kossov Dith put a finger to his lips as the staff filed out. “It is GOOD to see you, my friend”, Kossov whispered excitedly. He closed the library door. “How long has it been?” Goober Partridge thought for a moment, […]

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My Mystery, Cha Four

By the time Goober Partridge had arrived, the servants were assembled in the library… although the chamber maid couldn’t be completely assembled due to a missing bolt. The body lay just where it had lain after the murder. Someone had covered the body with coasters, however. “What are these?”, Partridge asked, picking up a coaster. […]

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