My Mystery: Cha Fourteen

[Previous chapter is here.  I’m very very sorry] “It’s a lovely cottage”, said Kossov Dith, “I like the yellow roses” Goober Partridge surveyed the quaint little house. It had roses, a picket fence and cartoon bunnies playing just out of the corner of one’s eye. “Here’s a woman”, Partridge said, “Who lives a small life”, […]

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My Mystery, Cha 13

At Scrod Palace, definitely an order of magnitude less popular than the Dyslexic’s Bra and Girl, the two sat and examined what they knew thus far… “From what I can see”, Goober Partridge started, “We have a multitude of crimes to investigate. There’s the untimely murder of Snakeford Cadd; the multiple thefts in Hamshock Manor, […]

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My Mystery, Cha Twelve

Kossov had placed the locket into the hollow tree and was hiding behind a bush to see what happened next. Not the first bush he saw… actually, the first row of bushes were taken. There were jealous husbands and jealous wives watching those husbands from other bushes. Behind two of the bushes were graduate students […]

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My Mystery, Cha Eleven

There was a long pause between Kossov’s knocking and the head butler answering the door. He didn’t seem surprised to see the Russian doctor. “Yes sir”, he said as he opened the door. “Is the head housekeeper in?”, Kossov asked. “I’m afraid she isn’t. You see, it’s nearly ten o’clock and from 9-12 she stands […]

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My Mystery, Cha Ten

Finger-less hands held a red pencil over the blueprint of Hamshock Manor. A harsh voice spoke into a digital recorder: The entry points will be here and here. Two teams will take out the guards and two more teams will take out the teams that take out the guards. Those teams will rendezvous here. Finger-less […]

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