P. E. T.

I was going to do a list on the worst breeds of cat to own but it turned out that it was all of them. ♣ The worst dog breed is the Chow Chow, a dog so awful that you have to say its name twice. Imagine an animal with the personality of a cat […]

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Strange Interludes

One If I had to choose an iconic symbol of my childhood, and I wasn’t allowed to pick that game of old maid I once played with Squeaky Fromme, I would choose the old sycamore tree that stood at the top of Wilson Hill. The tree overlooked Wilson Creek just at the end of Wilson […]

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The Tao of Woof

[How to understand your dog] A low growl: “I disagree with your contention that I should not lay on the couch” A low growl followed by a whine: “Your unyielding position on the issue of me lying on the couch has me concerned as to your mental state” A whine, followed by a howl: “Please […]

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