The Terrors of Malt Liquor

Malt liquor is simply beer with a high alcohol content that tastes like a decayed body in a swamp… It is customary, when drinking “forties” with friends, to pour a little onto the ground for friends who have died. If none of your friends have died, take heart… drinking malt liquor should kill one or […]

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Andomray Oughtsthay

My mom was pregnant a lot when she was high with me and it didn’t affect my development at all… If you are a good enough liar, you can accomplish anything that you can convince people you did. I think the last big step in our evolution as a species was when we learned the […]

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Bits of Pieces of Bits

My body hasn’t been the same since the first time my wife got pregnant…mostly due to that botched vasectomy I performed on myself to ensure it never ever happened again. Insanity runs in my family… mostly it runs from invisible tigers… No man is an island… it’s just that some men are very shore of […]

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