Rough Moth Stand

I keep a crash test dummy in the front passenger seat… mostly so I can drive in the HOV lanes. I get to work a LOT faster and it doesn’t care how recklessly I drive. They say that celery has “negative calories”, meaning that you expend more calories chewing and digesting it than it adds […]

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Other Things I’m Afraid of

I’ve managed to sustain my fears of failure for decades which I think is quite an achievement… I fear the unknown. Why? I don’t know and that MAKES IT WORSE. I don’t fear heights; but, I do fear breadths… mostly trying to pronounce “breadths”. I fear dying alone because then only one person’s day would […]

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Lego My Ego!

I saw my first Lego movie, last night. Frankly, it substantiated my theory that anything new or unfamiliar must be scrupulously avoided. The movie didn’t move me; but, maybe my emotional ties to Lego are not as pronounced as other Americans. We didn’t own any Legos in my house. My grandmother had some in a […]

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