Lego My Ego!

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I saw my first Lego movie, last night. Frankly, it substantiated my theory that anything new or unfamiliar must be scrupulously avoided. The movie didn’t move me; but, maybe my emotional ties to Lego are not as pronounced as other Americans. We didn’t own any Legos in my house. My grandmother had some in a toy box for all the grandchildren to play with when they were over. But, she only purchased them one time, little knowing the

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First you get the Lego, then you get the power, then you get the women…

need to continuously replenish them. One four year-old, just on his own, can eat up to fifty Lego blocks in a year… and I think spiders steal the clear ones, but I couldn’t tell you why. I remember, with the blocks she had, I could almost build the base of a very modest house… and I’m talking Akron, Ohio modest… you know, just big enough for a bed, toilet, you and your drug dealer. And, my grandmother didn’t even have the Lego drug-dealer figure. My problem with the Lego movies might just be cultural: Everyone looks squat and short and they have kind of a Slavic appearance. It doesn’t help that they only Russian movie I’ve ever seen is The Battleship Potempkin… and I didn’t think it was a timeless classic. It was silent… which kind of makes it the opposite of timeless. I know they made talkies after the invention of cinematic sound but truly proactive people would’ve made talkies BEFORE that. Very proactive people would’ve made two-hour talkies where every single scene is PRODUCT PLACEMENT… like the Lego movies…

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Happily ever after!

15 thoughts on “Lego My Ego!

      1. You know, I was going to make a joke about what Australian Barbie would have as an accessory but I think I might give that one more thought, Deb.

        And, Good morning!


    1. Great! I triggered her post-hypnotic commands with my essay. This is the worst part of writing… well, this and the ego-crushing criticism of others…


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