The Most Selfish Woman I Ever Met

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I met the most selfish woman EVER, last night.

The evening started out nicely, at a good restaurant. She and I were talking about music. I looked down at my phone and noticed that our one hour anniversary was coming up. So, I presented her with her anniversary gift.

She, on the other hand, seemed confused and dismissed our one-hour anniversary despite what we’d meant to one another for the previous fifty-nine minutes.

I shouldn’t have been too shocked, though. Forty-five minutes in, I noticed she was becoming a little cold and distant… but, I tried to save our relationship…

for the sake of the children…


13 thoughts on “The Most Selfish Woman I Ever Met

  1. you seem to have jumped the gun, with the children angle that is. As for anniversaries, women are supposed to appreciate if you remember before it is over.

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