A Poem… I am So So Sorry

Mushroom cloud - Wikipedia

The powers that be rely on our not caring

how our world is faring.

Not that we’d need to ask it

but everything’s going to Hell in a basket.

We’ve lost our reliance

on our friend science

Because, half of all people don’t have the brain

to come in out of the rain

I have a theory, completely testible,

that people are far too suggestible

They’d rather ignore facts that have great coherency

and believe that everything’s all a big conspiracy

So, the planet and people are going to Hell…

oh well…


23 thoughts on “A Poem… I am So So Sorry

  1. Charles the SA government has just put us in a 6 day lockdown where you are not allowed to leave your house at all and now we have a blackout. Hell is South Australia. 😟

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  2. When I sleep, I am gone. When I wake up, my first thought is…”oh no. Consciousness now disturbs my peace.” Maybe that’s a good line for one of my characters. But oh! Wait. If the world’s coming to end…why don’t I just walk along the beach instead of expending all that energy hunched over a computer…thinking…and writing…

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