The experiment continues

13 thoughts on “The experiment continues

  1. Ok, they sound like something I would say, so great tips. PS – they can still play when their asleep, super glue the controller to their hand šŸ™‚

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    1. I contend that bathing themselves like a dog does would hurt them socially…

      It’s funny… we hatched some chicks in an incubator when I lived on the farm; and, my mother was the first living thing they saw… and they did follow her around the yard.

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      1. I would have put the cone over their heads to prevent the licking of course.

        I had a duckling when I was six or so that followed me around the neighborhood, back when parents didn’t worry about kids getting abducted. Or now that I think of it, maybe they were just had a better plan than I did.

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