The Puppet Who Couldn’t Take it Anymore

Periscope Enters the Sad Puppet Genre With 'Benny & Lenny'

We had a funeral for my hand-puppet last week.

I’d had the puppet for about five years… made it myself. It really came in handy when children came over and I wanted them to go away and never come back. Plus, my one-on-one time with the puppet really helped me work some stuff out. As a bonus, he almost never told me to set fire to things.

Last year, I noticed that it was interacting less with my other puppets. It would spend most of its time in its shoe-box, watching television in the dark; or, playing Minecraft just to throw his character off of a cliff or march it out into the ocean to drown. He couldn’t manage more than a few words when the two of us talked. His chess game became so predictable… I easily anticipated exactly what his next move would be. When I found a tiny poster of Amy Winehouse on the wall of his box, I started to get worried.

Teddybären-Horror mit FSK 18: Deutscher Trailer zum plüschig-blutigen  Slasher-Spaß "Benny Loves You" - Kino News - FILMSTARTS.deOne day, It started cutting itself. I started seeing bits of felt lying around; but, I never anticipated that it would cut itself TOO deeply and it see my hand in there; and, THAT gave it a nervous breakdown. While I was trying to find a puppet psychiatrist in my area, it threw itself in front of the cardboard cutout of a train.

The funeral was beautiful. At first, my marionettes refused to be pallbearers but I pulled a few strings. I asked Oscar the Grouch to deliver the eulogy, but he was in the hospital with Brilliant and Moving Puppet Theatre - YouTubesepsis. Mr. Moose agreed to eulogize my puppet and it was a beautiful speech… although his antlers did bruise one of the mourners when he looked from side to side for dramatic effect.

Now, when I make a hand-puppet, I use empty containers of Prozac for the eyes. It seems to help. As for my depressed puppet, it’s in a better place, now: A thrift store in Baltimore.

11 thoughts on “The Puppet Who Couldn’t Take it Anymore

  1. I note you made your puppet with a short nose, presumably so you’d be able to tell if he ever lied to you….so I’m guessing he died from the pressure of always having to tell the truth. If you don’t want that to happen again, you should give your next puppet a long nose.

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