Are You Too Competitive?

Is Your Child Too Competitive?

When you lose, you unleashed a stream of obscenities while throwing the game board on the floor and upending the table. Your four-year-old never asks to play Chutes and Ladders with you ever again.

Your friend starts dating a beautiful woman so you either date a MORE beautiful woman or you make one out of plastic tubing and gorilla hair.

At a gathering, a friend talks about his mother dying so you have to kill your own mother to have something comparable to talk about at the next gathering.

You’re losing at chess so you frantically try to give your king a sex-change operation to make him more powerful.

You beat your uncle at poker, remind him about it every time you see him and even mention it in his eulogy…

When it seems sure you are about to lose a game of flag football, you defect to the other team.

If you are playing Monopoly on the floor with your family and your sister seems about to win, you excitedly call the dog to you and she scatters the pieces.

You lose a game of Scrabble because no one will accept “monfor” as a word; so, for the next decade, you use it liberally in every conversation…

Your Christmas lights are so intense, some of your older neighbors think they are having near-death experiences.

Your family and friends know that, if you get too out of hand, you can be easily dared into doing something that will break your femur.

8 thoughts on “Are You Too Competitive?

    1. Try to get the thirty five point bonus for achieving a certain value for the top of the chart. E.g. if you hit four sixes, put it into the sixes and not the four of a kind.

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  1. This is me, and this is why I hate on-line chess. Unlike OTB (Over the Board) chess, there’s NO ONE to furiously smack the pieces all over the floor of the cafe and give me my satisFUCKINGfaction. Online? Game boring is over and resets. Where’s the fun? The passion? The pleasure? The intense emotional discharge?


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