Why I Don’t Take Crap from Anyone

Twisted Sister: We're Not Gonna Take It (Music Video 1984) - IMDb

Because someone imposing their will on me makes it obvious that I have no will of my own.


I don’t take crap from anyone because I’m a man’s man, a dog’s dog and, if I’m really high, I make a pretty convincing lizard.


I need to give off an aura of strength so my dog will stop randomly biting me.


Because I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of feet.


Because I come from a long line of hard-working, down-to-Earth angry paranoics.


Because THAT’S HOW I ROLL… well… actually I roll more like a partially melted manikin torso.


I don’t take crap off of anyone because that is how my daddy raised me. My mother raised me to be a surgeon; but, that was never going to happen because, if a surgical nurse pointed out an error during one of my operations, I wouldn’t take that crap…not from her or anyone…


Because all I have left is my pride and self-respect because I spent all my money buying myself pride and self-respect…


If I did take crap from people, I’d internalize my anger and start to overeat. Then, I’d get fat and I’d have to take MORE crap from people because I’d be too fat to do anything about it. So, I’d eat some more and get fatter and the Discovery Channel would approach me to make a reality show about some guy who eats when he gets angry, which I wouldn’t want to do but the money would probably be great and I’m not made of stone… if I was the Disney Channel would approach me about making a series centered around The Thing from the Fantastic Four but only if I lost weight…


Because I’m a tough guy… not Charles Bronson tough or even Glenn Ford tough but more like Hugh Grant tough which is tough enough not to be trifled with as long as you set boundaries and keep six sticks of dynamite strapped to your chest at all times…

13 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Take Crap from Anyone

      1. Ah, a writing request! This may motivate me…however, if I take my blog private, would you like to be invited? I have a list of 3 who are coming and eagerly awaiting my next installlment. (I’m no longer motivated by mere “likes” …I feel like screening the comments to people I “know” and “respect”…and I realize that, itself, may be an illusion like everything else.. so .lemme know.

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  1. Sorry C, Hugh Grant? That’s scrapping the barrel. Here’s one for you, why you shouldn’t have a yak for a partner


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