Train Facts that I’ve Engineered

Acela Train | Amtrak

Longer trains might have a second locomotive to push the train from the back. This is primarily due to the fact that you can’t push anything from the front.

In Japan, if someone uses a train to commit suicide, his family can be sued for damages; however, if he gets a train pregnant, he is under no legal obligation to support the offspring.

The name “monorail” for a single-tracked train comes from the inventor’s favorite virus.

Steam engine inventor James Watt created the term “horsepower” to allow those unfamiliar with technology to visualize how powerful an engine was. The term was also chanted during a brief period in the 1960’s when horses and mules demanded the right to vote.

The longest direct train route is the Trans-Siberian Railway at nearly six thousand miles. Worst destination on that line? All of them.

The heaviest train ever recorded was a 7.2 kilometer-long freight train in Australia that weighed as much as twenty-seven full-grown elephants, forty teenage elephants or half a blue whale, two rhinoceros and a couple of apples.

Railroad systems help alleviate congestion on our highways… so, if you have a chest cold and find yourself on a highway, find a train.

In the nineteenth century, many scientists thought that, if a woman traveled at fifty miles an hour, her uterus would fly out of her body; but, it turned out that, the few times it DID happen, it had nothing to do with how fast they were going.

The fastest magnet-levitated trains are in Japan and can travel at 375 mph. It takes quite a distance to come to a full stop but most Japanese high-speed trains manage to stop before they get past New Zealand.

In 1993, a sixteen year old boy managed to impersonate a conductor and drive a subway train for three hours before he was caught and forced to join a union…

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