Limits exist only in the mind. Believe that you can fly! Birds do and they aren’t much smarter than you. Be yourself. There is literally no competition for that job. The best view comes after the hardest climb… also the most massive heart attacks. If you come up with an airtight proof that there is […]

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Breeds of Dog I Hate!

Pug: At one point in dog history, someone said, “I’m tired of dogs that look and act like dogs. Let’s create a breed that looks and acts like a surprised indignant old woman. Oh, and wasn’t it a shame about King Charles…” Here’s a tip: If it cannot jump off the couch without breaking a […]

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The Tao of Woof

[How to understand your dog] A low growl: “I disagree with your contention that I should not lay on the couch” A low growl followed by a whine: “Your unyielding position on the issue of me lying on the couch has me concerned as to your mental state” A whine, followed by a howl: “Please […]

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