People Who Shouldn’t Have Freedom of Expression

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What a crock!

[Another challenge by Iscriblr… Freedom of Expression… who SHOULDN’T have it]

People who say, “It’s a dry heat”

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Any movie director still making experimental films after ten years. If you cannot prove your hypothesis by then, just give up and make a charming romance with Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick.

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Anyone who starts a sentence with, “I’m not a racist, but…”

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Folks who write pornographic fan fiction based on any cartoon series.

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Amy Lee.

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Country western bands who sing about loving America but then trash half the people who live here.

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All country western bands, just to be safe.

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Any dancer who studied under someone who studied under Martha Graham.

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Any writer who writes books based on a character created by a much better writer and who puts the better writer’s name in big letters on the cover so that we spend half the book thinking how awful the better writer has gotten before we check the cover and throw the book across the room.

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Folks who write pornographic fan-fiction based on Martha Graham or Amy Lee.

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People who write “LOL” when they didn’t laugh aloud…

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16 thoughts on “People Who Shouldn’t Have Freedom of Expression

    1. As a tribal member, I’ve developed a thick skin; however, once someone told me a story that he thought was funny, about “sponsors” in 1940s Oklahoma taking out insurance policies on the indians they “sponsored” and then the Indians would mysteriously die. I felt my anger rise a little at that…

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      1. Good grief, I can’t believe someone could be so crass as to find that funny. Most of my US cousins have stopped communicating me since I found out we had central Native DNA (north west Mexico) and not North American. Why do I look Swedish??? I know I can’t be a member of a Tribe but I would love to know more about my ancestors.

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      2. My family was marched across the country from the Ohio valley to Oklahoma. Eight out of ten of them died on the trip. Any history our family had disappeared with that march.

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      3. One of my ancestors lived with the Osage for a while before arriving at the Wyandotte reservation after all the land parcels had been divvied up. An old woman gave him some of her land because, she told him, she could never farm all of it…


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