Another Stupid Poem and a Request

This is mostly for my regular readers.  My “follow” count is getting to the next landmark and I’m going to post another chapter of The Moosehead Stratagem while I give my brain a rest and reevaluate my life choices.

My question to you is, should I write more or just let it alone.  I’m not fishing for compliments… I want real opinions.  Please put them below.

Now, if I haven’t alienated you already, here’s a poem:

Image result for fender bender

The Inevitable Made Evitable

My son wanted to borrow my car

I said, “Who do you think you are?”

He said, “I’ll be careful as a monk.

Don’t worry I won’t be getting dronk”

No beer or wine…

Just tea with friends discussing Wittgenstein”

So I relented

provided he bought gas before all of his money was spented.

It ended as you’d suspect

my car was rect.

19 thoughts on “Another Stupid Poem and a Request

  1. I’m a relatively new follower of yours and have no idea what the Moosehead Stratagem is, but I thoroughly enjoy your blogs.
    Of course we do have a Moosehead Lake region in Maine, so if you’ve been up here…do tell.

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      1. Ah… a story. Gotcha.
        For a minute there I thought it was a diabolical plan for moose to take over the government. Which now that I think about it… might not be so bad.

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      2. Billionaire Oskar Moosehead had purchased all the real estate in the world and plans to foreclose, forcing everyone in the world to live thirty feet off-shore…


    1. I’d be writing, regardless… I just don’t want to put people through a week of something they don’t want to read. I didn’t even know I had a chapter five… just found it… It’s weird when you start forgetting what you’ve written…

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      1. Well, I know I’d like to read more of it, and I can’t be the only one.
        I do that too. Every so often I’ll look through a notebook and find stuff I don’t remember writing.

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      2. When I find something I’ve written but forgotten about, it feels like waking up next to a dead body with no memory of the night before…


  2. You have to do what you want to do Charles. It has to be your decision. I write because it gives me pleasure and I share in the hopes it will give others pleasure. I love reading everything you post but I feel you don’t have confidence in your work. You know its ok not to write like everyone else because you’re not everyone else. You are yourself. PS – If you need motivation go look at the video I posted yesterday. It will give you a chuckle if nothing else 😊

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