Other Things You Can Do with Legos

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Turn one of the blocks upside down and you’ve got a watering trough for a spider, my friend!

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You can use the Lego people to teach your young child what people don’t look like.

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You’ve got the Lego baseboard in your hand. You’ve got an itch in an inaccessible part of your body. Nature, take your course!

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The grey ones can be used as makeshift tombstones for recently-deceased goldfish or hamsters.

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You can coat a Lego brick with tree frog venom. I don’t know why you would, but if you were so inclined, I wouldn’t stop you.

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A handful of Lego blocks thrown in front of a skateboarder is a great way to demonstrate how inertia works.

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You can use the square blocks as replacement keyboard keys for a shiatsu finger massage with every finished spreadsheet.

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Using Lego blocks and your living room floor, you can create words that can also cripple anyone walking there in the dark.

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They can be hollowed out and fitted to the gums for some truly startling dentures.

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Lego blocks can be used as crude water detectors: Just throw one a little ways and listen carefully. If you hear a tiny splash, you’ve got water nearby. If you hear a muffled thud, you’ve got earth nearby. If you don’t hear anything, you might be in outer space… or more likely you’ve simply gone deaf…

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