I’m Humble About this List on Pride

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“My tail is HUGE.  It only has the best feathers”

The best definition of “pride” is self-satisfaction turned violently outward.

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Aristotle felt that pride was a virtue instead of a sin. Not only was he comfortable with that opinion, he was pretty smug about it.

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Parents usually say that they are equally proud of each of their children… often with a straight face…

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Milton hinted that pride was Satan’s biggest transgression… but, I think that it was tricking people into eating fruit…. and they were naked people which I believe makes it even worse, morally…

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Proud people will not accept any help from others. They are good friends to have if you don’t want to be out helping change a tire in the rain at eleven o’clock at night.

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I hope you’re proud of your inability to detect sarcasm”, his mother said. Jimmy beamed, happily…

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Roosters are among the proudest of the birds and why not? It’s list of accomplishments include waking people up, running from dogs and standing “over there somewhere”…

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Some religious leaders believe that pride isn’t necessarily wrong. It’s only wrong when you take credit for something God did, which, according to them, is everything.

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If you are overly proud of your modesty, you are doing it wrong…

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Some parents are proud of their lesbian, honor-student soccer-player daughters and their lesbian, honor-student soccer-players are proud of them… until they start talking to their daughters’ friends about lesbianism, soccer or school…

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12 thoughts on “I’m Humble About this List on Pride

  1. all other sins are due to this one, due to that proud person who you envy, who eats less, who seems to enjoy the gym, who has the best women, …satan thought the same about god.

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