One More Rotten Poem

Yeah… I really can’t stop making these.  But, on the plus side, I’ve got all my posts for next week written.

The Memory is the First Thing to Go



Is my mind going?

Is my mental decline showing?

My mind was once sharp and keen

but, now I can’t remember where I’ve been

The other day, I went to a corn maze

and, they didn’t find me for two days.

If I haven’t seen you since last November

Don’t expect me to remember.

At least I can still find my way home

I just can’t remember if I’ve already posted this pome…

22 thoughts on “One More Rotten Poem

  1. I’ve written all of my posts for the week too! This could raise questions about quality control but as we’re the best two bloggers in the world then I will assume all critics are just jealous…

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  2. Wow – all your posts for next week written? That is great. It takes me forever to come up with the next idea, let alone for a whole week. Your good! And I liked your pome. 🙂

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    1. It’s a VERY unusual occurrence, Robyn. Usually, I’ve got three by Monday and struggle for the next two during the week. You’ve got a disadvantage in that you have to talk about real stuff…

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      1. And it gets repetitive. My stuff, not yours. Sometimes there will be one new thought surrounded by 600 “I’ve said this before” words. Sometimes I wince with a “sorry” when I press that publish button.

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  3. I’ve got all one of my next posts written except for what comes after the title, and even that may change, depending on what comes after the title. Be assured that I’m contemplating thinking about working on it as soon as I’m….

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  4. I can relate. I’m now getting into the new habit of being “mindful.” What does that mean? It means, before I leave an environment, like the kitchen after making breakfast, I walk into the kitchen, fully aware and conscious, and do a last minute inspection. In the military, it’s called a “dummy check.” Sure enough, I left the stove on and the fryin’ pan will never look the same again.

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      1. It surpassed rotten Charles but on a completely different note I took a picture today just for you and it featured a “bare bottom” 🥳

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