Does Your Village Need an Idiot?

Monty Python - Village Idiots GIF | Gfycat

It doesn’t matter what you pay village idiots because you can easily trick them out of whatever money they have; but, they WILL get an hour for lunch and two fifteen minute breaks or their union will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Village idiots make up poems and sing silly songs. Transcribe them and you can create a book of nonsense poems which will make you insanely rich should the nineteenth century ever come around again.

You need village idiots because the children of the village won’t terrify themselves.

They tell tales of sound and fury signifying nothing, which means, if you weren’t listening, it was no great loss.

Village idiots often moonlight as licensed contractors or public defenders.

Village idiots can be useful in watching the village while everyone else is up in the mountains burning Frankenstein’s castle to the ground.

Most village idiots are self-taught… and when you are self-taught, as the expression goes, you have an idiot for an instructor… so, that’ll save some time…

A village idiot is a representative of the township, just like a councilperson or a mayor, except no one in the council walks around without any pants on. As far as the mayor goes, it varies from administration to administration.

When disaster strikes, you can count on the village idiot to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, facing adversity, while tying a sweat sock to a cat’s tail.

A village idiot is essential to nearly every township… unless they have a rugby team, in which case the village idiot is redundant…

13 thoughts on “Does Your Village Need an Idiot?

  1. As a gullible, yet agreeable person, I have found myself standing shoulder to shoulder with someone as we tied a sweat sock to a cat’s tail. Didn’t feel quite right but it also didn’t feel quite wrong either.

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  2. I find this extremely offensive towards the mentally challenged,:which is where the term came from, most children were easily taught by their parents but mentally challenged needed everyone to look out for them.. and now u disparage them? Shame! And at essence the idiom means we all share responsibility within our society to teach, discuss and communicate with those who ‘you may feel’ are not your intellectual equal.. so shame on all of u


    1. Since the term “village idiot” has been used for centuries, I’ll assume you’re trolling. If not, take heart, because you now have one less site to look through which should narrow things down considerably.


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