Thoughts on Shadows

9 Things You Never Knew About 'The Shadow' on its 25th Anniversary

He forever lived in the shadow of his older brother who worked as a beach umbrella.

The Shadow was a superhero in the 1930’s. His power was the ability to cloud men’s minds; so, he was essentially pot.

Shadow-boxing is stupid. Yes, you have the same height and reach of your opponent; but, you are always in two vastly different weight classes.

Jung coined the term “shadow” for that part of the human psyche that was hidden and dark. It’s basically the id but with more poisonings.

Shadow puppets have been used in both far eastern and near eastern nations for centuries. The audience doesn’t see the actual puppets but their shadows on a screen. The people on the OTHER side, who paid full price, get to see the actual puppets.

Shadows are actually three dimensional objects. What you see cast on a wall or the ground is just a shadow’s projection. To see the entire shadow, you’ll need to use a vapor or mist… or, if you’re that bored, you could just put a bad movie into the dvd player and cloud your mind.

Plenty of professional wrestlers have used the name “shadow”. Most notable was The Black Shadow… a Mexican masked wrestler whose match against El Santo was considered the most important in Luchador history. He wrestled professionally for forty years which must be a record for an athlete competing in a fake sport.

Lon Cheney Sr. was known for playing monsters in the silent movies. In Shadows, he played a terrifying Chinese man who helped a couple foil a blackmailer. Every white horror actor (Christopher Lee, Karloff, Cheney… Lorre) had to play an Asian at least once because, where were producers going to find a Chinese person in California?

Shadow Dancing was an album by singing chipmunk Andy Gibb. Gibb’s falsetto voice proved to be a liability when they had to pull the album from the shelves because, at certain volumes, it could make a dog’s head explode violently.

Shadow Galactica was a manga based on the Sailor Moon universe. It featured female superheroes such as Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Pewter Fox, Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Titanium Kerokko. It is considered important in the history of manga because it pin points the exact moment that manga-creators had run out of ideas.

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