Reuse Your Wooden Spools!

Easter Bunny Craft: Thread Spool Bunnies | Easter bunny crafts, Bunny  crafts, Spool crafts

After the thread is gone, use an empty spool as a table in your child’s doll house. It’s an empty table, as USUAL, because Barbie had to “work late”… not that Ken notices because he’s three sheets to the wind by the time she gets home.


You can use empty spools as the beads in an abacus. It’s a great way to add up the number of times your family has held interventions on your “hoarding habits”… but, they’re CRAZY because you can SO get to your own front door.


You can use one as a base to a tiny Christmas tree made of pipe cleaners and aluminum foil for when a glitter-covered “Box of Farts” just isn’t gaudy enough.


You can string them together to make a beaded door: A spool-door gives you at least half the privacy you want and, when someone enters or leaves, it sounds like two puppets having sex.


With the wooden cap from a hot sauce bottle and white felt, you can make festive little Easter bunnies for your children to happily find and throw to the side while frantically trying to get to the jelly beans and chocolate that makes dressing up for Easter services worth it.


Spools make great friendship bracelets if your friend is a water buffalo.


You can make Christmas ornaments out of old spools; but, let’s be honest: Our kids have taught us that you can make a Christmas ornament out of old anything.


Using spools, you can build a little wooden car that will enchant children until the power comes back on and they can start playing video games again.


Nail a spool to your wall if one of them starts a gladiator revolt that spreads throughout your empire. Ask your spools, “Which of you is Spooltacus?”. When they all start yelling, “I’m Spooltacus”, nail ’em up. An example HAS to be made.


Put together a million abacuses to make your own super computer…

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