Why We Need Crabman® More than Ever

giant-crab-man - Fish With Attitude by Mike Quinn

In dark times such as these, we need a hero… a savior… a man with CRAB CLAWS FOR HANDS.


It would be nice to see the word “carapace” in newspapers again… actually, it would just be nice to see newspapers again.


Maryland needs a super hero to call their own besides John Waters…


His popularity might re-ignite the fad of scuttling.


I think we are ALL curious as to what his crab-ray might look like and how it might be used.


If he is ever killed by the forces of evil, we can enjoy his corpse with some lemon and melted butter.


The Crab Signal is just gathering dust in the storeroom by Commissioner Borden’s office.


Batman has gotten too moody for my tastes.


It will give billionaire playboy Kris Station something to do at night.


Crabman is comfortable on both land and sea, so he’s like Batman crossed with Aquaman but, WITH EYESTALKS!

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