I Know I’m Not a Misogynist Because…

What Is Misogyny?

I don’t condescend to women. For you gals, that means I don’t needlessly explain things that you already know.


I don’t think a woman’s place is in her home; and, this is not just because I don’t think women should own property.


I think women deserve the same wages as men; although, I think they should be paid in “Girl Bucks”, special pink currency that can only be redeemed at cosmetic, clothing or wine stores.


I think we should have more movies about female historical figures but with really sexy actresses so men will want to see them.


I think that, if a particular career interests a woman, she should have the right to marry a man who works in that field.


I don’t think a woman’s sole purpose in life should be making a man happy; but, if that deal were offered to me, I’d have a tough time rejecting it.


I think cleavage is only one tiny criteria to be considered when hiring a female applicant.


I’ve worked for female bosses a few times and I was fine with taking orders from a woman once I’d showered the stink of shame and degradation off of me.


Personally, when I see a coworker, I don’t see gender. I do, however, see bra straps and high heels so I CAN make an educated guess.


Suffrage is important. I think every woman should have the right to vote for what she thinks is the best man running for office.

21 thoughts on “I Know I’m Not a Misogynist Because…

    1. Not even the worst one for this week, Deb. My regulars will know I’m not serious but any visitors might get irritated… or worse, agree with me…


    1. I’m thinking Wednesday for that one. It’s funny. I had to go into D.C. for fingerprinting for a clearance and, while riding up there on the train, I banged out three posts. Something about getting out of the house…

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  1. My wife saw your post and asked if I thought it was funny. I asked her if I could take a rain check on my answer, and now I’m locked out of the house until it rains, which isn’t forecast until Friday. Hopefully, that fives me enough time to think of a survivable answer.

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