Increase Your Vocabulary

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Antimony: Divorce

Celibacy: A vow you take when you are sure you are never getting laid again anyway.

Disposition: To stop yoga practice.

Lethargy: A hypersensitivity to leth.

Acumen: Any of the mutated superheroes of the group headed by Professor Acu.

Unflappable: Pertaining to a bird with two broken wings.

Pragmatic: Any prag that works on its own.

Tentative: The state of not wanting to sleep in a yurt that you’ve constructed for fear it will fall on you.

Dubious: Doubt about the quality of a marijuana cigarette.

Diminish: Originating from the country of Dimin.

Disdain: To remove all people who are from Denmark.

Malleable: Available for purchase at any indoor shopping center.

Scarcity: A metropolitan area with a lot of clumsy people.

Tactic: A reverse breath mint.

Zeal: An enthusiastic German sea lion.

Antithesis: The academic paper that disproves yours and wrecks your chance for a PhD.

Oxymoron: Someone made stupid by abuse of pain pills.

Satire: Humor no one gets about a topic that isn’t funny.

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