Taste: Bad and Otherwise

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There are five taste components: Salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami. Umami was added recently because, without it, food scientists would have to concede that most Japanese food doesn’t taste like food.


The tongue’s taste buds can detect millions of different combinations of flavors. Not bad for something that does most of its work knee-deep in your saliva…


The sense of taste starts to degrade at the age of fifty and you know what that means: It’s TIME FOR SCRAPPLE!!!


The heat of a chili pepper is not regarded as a taste because it isn’t detected by the taste bud but by pain receptors in the tongue and later the eyes when you forget and give them a nice rub.


Taste bud cells live for around ten days… so, when you brush your teeth in the morning, fifty percent of your spit is taste bud corpses.


A “supertaster” is someone that has more taste receptors than the average person. They tend to avoid bitterness most of all, which is why they don’t date any woman over the age of thirty-five.


The “digital lollipop” is a device that uses electrical current to simulate flavors in the tongue. It has a number of potential applications, chief among them is making the future seem even bleaker than it already is.


Ageusia, the complete lack of taste, can be brought about through head trauma. So, if you are being forced to eat something you really don’t like, bang your head on the table until the food doesn’t taste like anything anymore.


A decade ago, scientists found bitter taste receptors in the lungs. The implications of this discovery are STUNNING. Don’t want to be stunned by implications? Then, hit your head on the table until implications mean nothing to you… then… EAT YOUR OATMEAL.


There’s a theory that, if you cut out a person’s tongue, then reattach it but backwards, it will make a fudgesicle taste like curried popcorn…

17 thoughts on “Taste: Bad and Otherwise

      1. One of those situations where we could do it so we DID do it. Now they are just looking for a reason to justify doing it…. Diet aid?


  1. I laughed at the taste bud corpses. I’m never going to be able to brush my teeth the same way again. I feel like I will need to play ceremonial music and salute as I spit.

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