Random Thoughts from Beyond the Galaxy

Yakety-yak: 7 Fun Faks About Yaks | HowStuffWorks

The speed of light is way faster than the speed of sound which is why we don’t know what light sounds like…


Sherry is the answer to the question, “What if fortified wine tasted like a wet deck?”


Yak down is a rare sustainable fiber used in textiles. How do you get down from a yak? With a stepladder, I’d assume…


My friend owned a carriage which he had pulled by a large mare. He told me he was training her to walk backwards and I had to remind him not to put the cart before the horse.


People NEVER learn; but, you’ll figure that out for yourself some day.


Is it ironic to burn a scarecrow in effigy?


I see a British person as an anchor on our news and I think, “Oh well… live and let live” and then one of them says, “Shedule” instead of “schedule” and I want him dead…


A soccer game looks exactly the same regardless of whether or not the players have ever played soccer before…


My oldest son will do anything to avoid doing housework. Sometimes, just for fun, I don’t wash any forks or bowls just to see how long he’ll eat out of ashtrays using ball point pens as chopsticks…


The man who asphyxiated a stable full of foals had a record of animal cruelty thick enough to choke a horse… which probably came in handy…

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