Facts about Octopuses that Will Do You No Arm

How Octopuses Work | HowStuffWorks

[Deb made this request… blame her!]

The venom of a blue-ringed octopus can paralyze an adult human in just a couple of minutes. So, if you have doubts about your humanity or age, get bitten by a blue-ringed octopus and see what happens.

An octopus will grab a coconut shell and set it up as a hiding place. This is important for two reasons: It shows how intelligent the octopus is; and, it explains why your pina colada tasted like fish.

When bored or stressed, an octopus might engage in autophagy, i. e. the eating of one or more of its own arms. If you read Rememberance of Things Past to your pet octopus you might have to send out for more arms.

In less than a second, an octopus can change its color to match its background rendering it invisible and perfect for the job of government office worker.

An octopus has three hearts… so, if you need to give one CPR, you’re going to need to call two friends.

Octopuses die right after mating… which is fine because who really wants to live with the fact that they had sex with an octopus? I mean BESIDES Frank Stallone…

Aristotle thought octopuses were stupid; but, Aristotle is dead and octopuses are still around so WHO’S LAUGHING NOW???

An “octopi” is roughly 25.132. Yeah… it’s an obscure math joke but making math jokes keeps me from getting bored and eating my own arms.

Octopuses keep their predators at bay by spraying ink at them, blinding them and garbling some of their other sensory apparatus. If an octopus stays in its own ink cloud long enough, it will die… which, its predators agree, serves it right.

An octopus’ eyes are located at the top of its head which is why you never see one in a stocking cap.

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