Just an experiment

25 thoughts on “Just an experiment

  1. Love it Charles, only thing I’d suggest is leaving the words up a bit longer, so of the quips I nearly didn’t finish in time. Was it hard to do?

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      1. I probably have you beat. I only recently accepted the legitimacy of the 21st century, and only in the past 4 months started using a cell phone, tiptoed into social media, and created my website. Talk about a circuit overload!

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  2. Great job! And of course, great advice. I also like to look at the pictures of a new house before buying. If you see a cat in any of them you know that “urine soaked” also means “cat urine soaked.”

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  3. The music. The face. Makes all the advice seem so wise…so profound…like scripture. You’ve reached another level. Have fun and post it on Redit. The young crowd will adore you and fawn over you.

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  4. Both of my grandfathers were clocks who ran slow and were always late, They advised me that, hands down, there are more important things in life than being PUNctual….and I’ve been behind the times ever since.

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