How to kill a vampire

He's not going to die!" Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (1968) Christopher  Lee | Hammer horror films, Horror films, Dracula

Cut off the head and stuff the mouth with garlic. Resist the urge to put the head into a 350 degree oven with potatoes.

You can kill a vampire with a stake through his heart… but, you can kill just about anything with a stake through the heart.

Bury a vampire under running water. The vampire will stay dead due to their well-established fear of surfers.

Trick a vampire into walking out into the daylight. How? Try setting its watch back six hours.

Use silver to weaken a vampire. If it doesn’t seem to be working, check again. You might be using the Lone Ranger’s horse by mistake.

A werewolf bite will kill a vampire; so, if you are exploring a spooky castle where vampires might be about, always keep a werewolf in your pocket.

Holy water can kill a vampire. If you are being attacked by one and don’t have any holy water on you, try rubbing the vampire with the forehead of a newly christened baby.

A vampire must sleep on soil from its homeland each night or it will die. If you find the resting place of a vampire, you can remove the soil and replace it with werewolves.

To wipe out a vampire infestation, you must kill the HEAD VAMPIRE. They are usually hidden within a mansion, cave or Rudy Guiliani’s office.

Fire can kill a vampire if it is intense enough. The best way to set a vampire on fire is to put a hat and glasses on a propane tank and hope he doesn’t look too closely at it before he bites.

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