Things that are horrifying

Grandma Betty is the toast of Instagram, thanks to great-grandson's tribute

[More from the queue. I’m very sorry]

The first time you ever see your grandma naked.

Every subsequent time you see your grandma naked.

Conjoined octuplets…


You push your way through a crowd to see a badly injured man about your age wearing the exact same kind of hat you are wearing and you suddenly realize how stupid that hat must look on you.

You meet a woman who seems to know everything about you and is strangely compelling but also seems kind of creepy and dangerous; so, you decide not to see her socially and, instead, you go to a nudist camp with your grandma.

Somehow you get a glimpse at the REAL Republican agenda which is kept under constant guard in the Castle Grayskull.

You look in the mirror at your sagging asymmetrical face and have to come to terms with the sad fact that there are still some women so desperate that they’ll go out with you.

You are in the laundry room in the pitch dark taking socks out of the dryer and turning them inside out. When you finally turn the lights on, you notice that one of the socks was your dachshund which would explain the odd noise you heard.

It would be horrifying to experience the public outcry after you turned just ONE dachshund inside-out…

Realizing that you see things from the serial killer’s point of view more often than is normal.

Knowing your fate cannot be changed and understanding that, despite your apprehension, you still are destined to go to the nudist camp with your grandma.

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