Stuff Queen Elizabeth isn’t Allowed to Do

Queen Elizabeth II's brush with COVID-19 presents a royal conundrum: is it  time to retire 'The Firm'? - ABC News

I recently saw a YouTube video of things that the Queen of England isn’t allowed to do. So, I added some of the ones they left out.

She is barred from starring in any pornographic movie that centers around nun-spanking.

She can’t take a stand on the Miller Lite “tastes great/less filling” controversy.

She can’t, legally, wear a t-shirt that says, “I’m With Stupid”.

She is banned from working on the problem of cold fusion energy… which is a shame because she has some pretty innovative insights.

She isn’t allowed to pretend to open Parliament but then say, “Just kidding” and run away, giggling.

She’s not allowed to name any of her offspring “Dakota” or “Spike”.

She’s not allowed to go faster than the speed of light… even if she’s running late.

She is forbidden to own or use a “joy buzzer”.

Under British law, she is forbidden to put two drinking straws between her upper lip and gum and pretend to be a walrus.

She can no longer shoot citizens from her bedroom window for sport.

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