Hey! Hay Facts that Might be the Last Straw

How To Grow Quality Hay - Hobby Farms

Hay should not be confused with straw. Hay is a bundle of dried vegetation used mostly as animal-feed. Straw is what they put up to keep dirt bike racers from flying into the spectators.

Hay is given to livestock when desirable food is unavailable. The same reason people drink almond milk.

If hay is too moist, it can generate heat as it decomposes and spontaneously combust. Sadly, almond milk just sits in the refrigerator until you move to another home.

Sheep and goats will not eat hay that has been trampled. Puma and wolves WILL eat sheep and goats that have been trampled.

Hay can be used to smoke fish or in tea. It’s not a particularly good flavor but if ingredients aren’t available, it is better than almond milk.

Don’t give your horse high-protein hay because it stresses the horse’s kidneys. Don’t give your horses low-protein hay because it causes the stomach to distend and the horse to become malnourished. To be honest, your horse is probably doomed.

Hay is essentially the contents of a pasture packaged in one place for the animal. It’s the equivalent of cutting up your son’s meat for him when he’s forty.

Anyone who’s been knocked over by a horse has to wonder how something stuffed with hay can be so hard.

Originally, hay was cut with scythes and left in a pile in the field. It was grueling and back-breaking work. Anyone who said, “Hey guys, we’ve got a nice rhythm going… let’s work for a few more hours” was also cut with scythes and left in a pile in the field.

Inhaling hay dust and mold can cause a condition known as “Farmer’s Lung”. It is a hypersensitivity pneumonitis that can cause permanent pulmonary damage. It is occasionally treated with doses of expired almond milk…

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  1. I’ve known a few hayseeds in my life, but when they died, they pushed up daisies instead of hay. This may be because they were buried in a cemetery instead of being put out to pasture.

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