Google Science Questions

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[If you search for answers in Google, it often shows “related questions”. I have answered some of these questions and you are welcome]

What would happen if I touch a star? With most visible stars, you’d burn up immediately; however, you CAN touch a brown dwarf… just get his permission, first.

Will humans ever reach another star? Really, all it would take would be a decade of friendly cooperation between nations to launch an interstellar ship; so, to answer your question, “No”.

Why do I taste metal? I don’t know… to draw attention to yourself?

How do I kiss my girlfriend to make her crazy? Not a valid question. Your question should be, “how do I kiss my girlfriend to make her sane?”…

Why is my girlfriend biting me on the lips? Maybe you look like a pork chop.

What happens if a man uses a breast-pump? He gets kicked off of his bowling team.

What are three things a woman should avoid when pregnant? Litter boxes, cobras and full-length mirrors.

How do I turn my man on during pregnancy? Introduce him to your hot sister.

Does your body or your baby decide when you go into labor? Current research indicates that the fetus releases a chemical that begins labor when it senses it is viable. But, you’ll blame your husband anyway…

What is the world’s deadliest fish? The stonefish keeps a toxin in its dorsal spine that can kill an adult in less than an hour. So, if you are stung by one, make your last act one that you can complete. Avoid going to the DMV or calling Microsoft Technical Support.

10 thoughts on “Google Science Questions

      1. That’s what lunch breaks are for. Reckon I’m going to get fired soon. Had a falling out with the GM and he’s annoyed with me

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  1. What would happen if Snow White touched a movie star who’s a brown dwarf?

    The other six dwarfs would either think they’re in the wrong movie, or would go outside and get a good suntan.

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