Your Check Engine Light: What You Need to Know l Auto Lab

[Slowly getting over my massive depression.  I hope you enjoy this]

There is no joy so great that it cannot be completely crushed by a “check engine” light.


If you eat a handful of licorice jelly beans and then drink a pint of gin, when you burp, it will taste like absinthe…


The heavier a child is, the more likely his knee will land in your groin when he runs and jumps into your lap. Unless you just got out of surgery: Then, there is an equal likelihood that his knee will go into your stitches…


Ignorance is bliss… but, ignorance coupled with a regimen of tranquilizers is even more blissful…


Finding the woman of your dreams is much easier if you just change what you dream about.


No matter how good you are, no one wants to hear you play your bassoon. The same goes for your autoharp…


You can be as successful as you imagine yourself becoming; unfortunately, any benefits you get from this success will also be imaginary.


Being proactive is considered the best way to live but running from your problems builds cardio.

34 thoughts on “Truths

  1. I usually sleep off my depression then drink coffee. Sorry to hear you’re down. But are you the cliche depressed comic? I mean…ever think of trying stand-up? I’ve been thinking about it but no open mic’s where I live…so, that said, get better.

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  2. I was wondering where you’d been, but didn’t feel it polite to ask. The blogosphere is much less fun without you so please know your friends are here with a shoulder and a sympathetic ear if you need them. And if that’s not enough I could always ask an Australian friend to air mail a wombat. They cure all ills.

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  3. It’s good to see you back! Also, it’s very rude to run from us…wait, aren’t we your problems? Damn. I feel less important now (Seriously, though, I’m terrible at knowing what to say, but it’s always a joy to see you in my inbox… not sure how you got to fit in there, but hey)

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  4. I was wondering if you were a victim of my device’s random spamming, but didn’t see you in the spam folder, either. Anyway, welcome back. I hope you see from the comments that you are loved and appreciated, and that those thoughts help when emotions are getting you down.

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