Stuff that makes me happy

[Recommended by George]

Once upon a time there was one cutest kitten... 💕 - YouTube

It makes me happy when we get acid rain on “Take Your Baking Soda to Work Day”

What makes me happy? A warm kitten; if I’m on a diet, half a warm kitten…

I’m happy to watch the sun rise each day because, without it, I’d still be living the same bleak, joyless and tedious existence AND I’d be in the dark as well.

I’m happy when someone I know serves me a dinner salad because they are one less Christmas gift I’ll need to buy.

I’m happy when someone pulls himself out of the gutter and becomes successful because that means there’s a free spot in the gutter I can occupy.

I’m happy to look back on completion of a long, difficult and tedious task knowing that, next time, I’ll have a better excuse to get out of doing it…

I’m happy to hear the laughter of children through my window because I’ll know that they are laughing at someone BESIDES me.

It makes me happy to watch the geese fly south for the Winter. I like to yell, “AND DON’T COME BACK!”

I’m happy to spend a quiet evening with friends but someone’s always got to say something and ruin it.

It makes me happy to convey my vast knowledge to those younger than myself; although, it is mostly in the form of cannibus-fueled rants on subtext in the Gilligan’s Island series.

15 thoughts on “Stuff that makes me happy

  1. Is it wrong I can picture you standing on the front lawn shaking your fist at migrating geese? That said, I wouldn’t mind reading your treatise on Gilligan’s Island sub text. I’m sure it’s filled with razor sharp insight.

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  2. You had to go there, didn’t u C? You had to mention GI. Now they’ll be wondering if we know about the Harlem Globetrotters … sure they were basketball players.

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  3. “I’m happy to spend a quiet evening with friends but someone’s always got to say something and ruin it”

    I’m with you there, Those pesky humans, always wanting to say things. Ugh.

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  4. Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg wrote a popular song called HAPPINESS IS JUST A THING CALLED JOE….so if you run out of things that make you happy, try changing your name to Joe. If that doesn’t work , change it to Harold or Yip. If that doesn’t work, change it to Anonymous. It may not make you happy, but at least you’ll get quoted a lot.

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