How to Tell if the Plane You are on is in Trouble

Stewardess Flight Attendant Parachuting Coffee Retro Vintage airplane model  photo background blue sky | Flight attendant, Flight attendant life, Women

Drink service starts early and is mandatory.

What you think is the in-flight movie is actually your life flashing before your eyes.

The people and vehicles that you think look like ants are actually ants.

EVERYBODY wants to sit next to the parachute salesman and his sample case.

The pilot announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, GOOD NEWS! Engines three and four are doing just great”

You seem to be landing at a different airport than the one on your ticket and that airport is the ocean.

Stewardess announces they’ll be serving snacks, sodas and last rites.

Everything in your life is going just great and you said this out loud where God could hear it.

The first-class passengers have already activated their escape pods.

The pilot announces, “I’ve got good news for our depressed passengers who no longer want to live…”

8 thoughts on “How to Tell if the Plane You are on is in Trouble

  1. I only get concerned when the people in charge of keeping you calm start repeating, “All IS WELL!!”, louder and more insistently to themselves as much as to you. The optimistic pilot announcement is nice too 😀

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