Fun Facts About Ohio

Dave Grohl reveals the one band he still wants to play drums for

[I’m not happy with this one but out it goes to you, the reader, anyway. Tomorrow’s will be better, I hope]

The Wright Brothers built the first plane in Ohio; but, took it to North Carolina to fly it, partly because of the high winds at Kitty Hawk but mostly because they just wanted to get out of Ohio.

Superman was created in Ohio… but, he couldn’t fly until they published him in North Carolina.

Ohio’s official animal is the White Tailed Deer. It is also the official object you just ran over on a dark country road.

The official beverage of Ohio is tomato juice. You’d think that would also be the official hangover cure of Ohio but that turned out to be scrambled eggs and anchovies.

Ohio has the largest Amish population in the United States. So numerous are they that the government has introduced a six week period in the Fall where they can be hunted with bows.

The largest drumsticks ever are in Ohio, commemorating the birth and continued existence of Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. The sticks weigh 900 pounds and Grohl has only used them once… on a drum set so large that spilled over into Indiana.

The largest basket in the world is the Longaberger Basket Company headquarters which is five stories high and shaped like a basket. The building is currently on sale and there is a rumor that Dave Grohl will buy it to keep his drumsticks in.

Ohio officially became a state in 1953 after Eisenhower made its statehood official. Before that, it was just going through the motions.

Most Ohio-born presidents died in office, which is a tragedy; but, it beats finishing your term and having to go back to Ohio.

Ohio’s state motto is “With God, All Things Are Possible”. They tried to come up with a better motto but they realized it was unattainable because they were all atheists.

17 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Ohio

  1. I have a lot of ancestors from Ohio. A piece of trivia I recall often being repeated is that it is home to Marzetti’s salad dressing. I live relatively close to Toledo (which should actually be in Michigan). Other than that, the state is just something to drive through when going elsewhere.

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  2. I’m from Ohio, , and I can think of worse states to go back to — such as….Oh, high anxiety, high dudgeon, high falutin,. and high on the hog (though high rollers might think highly of the latter).

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