Why You should Own a Deaf Dog

Celebrating Deaf Dog Awareness Week - Jolly Pets

You can name it anything you want and he’ll never know. You can even give it a cat-name like Mr. Fluffikins or Get-that-thing-out-of-here…

Deaf dogs are easy to sneak up on. When you touch its back, it yelps, snaps at you and then faints. Seems like that would be hilarious, but, it’s only entertaining the first few years.

If your dog is deaf, it won’t flee the room when you put on your old Cher albums.

Remember that a deaf dog can do anything a hearing dog can do… only when you tell it to stop doing it, it won’t hear you.

If you are the victim of a home invasion, your deaf dog will sit there bravely and stoically while all behind him is in chaos, giving you a sense of security and control. And, then a home invader touches his back and he yelps, snaps at you and then faints.

Deaf dogs are cheaper than ones that can hear; so, if you only need a dog for a couple of hours, why not save a few bucks?

You can discipline a deaf dog the same way you discipline a hearing dog: By locking it in the bathroom with a remote controlled jeep.

How do you calm an anxious deaf dog? With understanding, hugs and enough tranquilizers to incapacitate a bull.

Sometimes you just need a dog that you can take to an artillery range.

They say, when a dog goes deaf, its other senses get stronger… like its sense of outrage. An outraged dog would be a hoot to watch…

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