Electrical Safety Tips to Keep You Current

Danger High Voltage | Reece Safety

If your child is becoming a toddler, maybe take down that poster of Mickey Mouse sticking a fork into an electrical socket.


Feel your electrical outlet. If it is hot, in the temperature-sense, turn off the breaker and call an electrician. If it is hot in the sexual attractiveness sense, you should probably get out of the house a lot more.


Before working on any electrical modifications to your home, be sure the power is off.  You can either check with a voltmeter before proceeding, or, if you don’t have a voltmeter, hand your toddler a fork and gauge his reaction.


Don’t pour water on an electrical fire unless you want to that face that your toddler made.


When working with high voltage remember this important rule: DON’T WORK WITH HIGH VOLTAGE.


You can save money by installing the ceiling fan over your bed yourself; and, that money can go towards the funeral after the fan crashes down on you and your spouse a few nights later.


Your breaker box is easy to find if you remember that it is usually in what will be the darkest part of your home when a fuse is blown.


There are certain things only a licensed electrician can do, such as charge three hundred dollars to fix a frayed wire.


High voltage lines are called “The Silent Killer” because “Eyeball Exploder” is unnecessarily graphic.


A lot of horse ranchers keep electric fence around the pasture to keep the horse’s from knocking down the fence and finding a better owner. DON’T urinate on the electric fence. That is something we trick our cousins into doing…

11 thoughts on “Electrical Safety Tips to Keep You Current

    1. I’ve been shocked more times than I like to remember. The first time was on a part of a plug, still stuck in the outlet. There were a few times with the electric fence we used to keep our horses in. Amazing how easy it is to back into one of those while you’re doing something else…

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  1. I think eyeball exploder should be on the warning labels … for people like my husband who think they can wire things. When we lived down south he installed a ceiling fan in our living room. Every time we turned it on? The lights in the dining room went out.

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