Why I’m All for Cutting Down the Rain Forest

Movie Review: 'Dora and the Lost City of Gold' - Charlotte Parent

The rain forests contribute nine percent of the world’s oxygen; but, from where does it get this oxygen? I, for one, don’t want to be breathing stolen oxygen.

The rain forest is home to millions of species of mammals, bird, reptiles and insects. If they go extinct, suddenly they are the paleontologists’ problem. Zoologists can take a well-needed rest.

Rain forests are destroyed at the rate of thirty-six football fields per minute. I wouldn’t get much joy out of watching football fields get destroyed; but, it wouldn’t bother me much either…

The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population but consumes more than 30% of the world’s paper. Consuming paper provides needed roughage.

About forty percent of rain forest clearing is for cattle. Cows provide us with meat, milk and cheese as well as ice cream. If cows are masterminding the destruction of the rain forest, it’s probably best we not make them mad or they might cut us off.

Deforestation is responsible for the decreasing rate of evapotranspiration. The less evapotraspiration we have, the less likely we’ll ever need to learn to spell it.

Losing the rain forests would be Earth’s worst nightmare, which would be a good thing because her current worst nightmare is about a swimming pool full of rats and werewolves…

If all the trees in the Amazonian rain forest were chopped down, it would be a lot easier for Belize to keep an eye on what Chile is doing.

Sure, there are lifeforms in the Amazon that can only live in the rain forest; and, they’ll become extinct; BUT, nature will THEN evolve a whole lot of species that can only live under giant piles of chopped-down rain forest.

I was against cutting down the rain forests until I learned a lot of it is cut down to allow for the production of more chocolate. Then, I had to say, “Rain forests… you’ve had a good run”…

13 thoughts on “Why I’m All for Cutting Down the Rain Forest

  1. Ninety six point ~ um, ninety six percent of our planet’s hot air is released around football fields. Their destruction would have unintended consequences in the lives of all the young women who will never bounce a pom pom & therefore will end up married to someone other than the local football hero. Statistics prove they sometimes wait till well after the age of fourteen to do so. Save our football fields!

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  2. The book I’ve just written features a werewolf named wolfie, and a rat named Ratty. Thank you very much C for making them part of earth’s nightmare. 😵‍💫

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  3. I thought Trumpism would be Earth’s worst nightmare, but maybe it’s only America’s. So much for the time when most of the world thought America ‘reigned foremost’ among free nations.

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