Regrets that I Rue-minate Over

Vegan SpaghettiOs with Meatballs — 86 Eats

I regret not traveling more and seeing for myself what hotel rooms look like in other states.

I regret exchanging harsh words with my brother when I was young, because all the harsh words I knew back then were pretty lame.

I regret wasting the three wishes that the genie gave me on Spaghettios.

I regret every time I told my children I was too busy when I could’ve said, “LEAVE ME ALONE FOREVER” just once.

I regret not trying more exotic foods… like potatoes, for example.

I regret not kissing more pretty women but they punch so HARD…

I regret photosynthesis and I wish I’d done more to stop it.

I regret telling everyone that I’ve read The Iliad because now I don’t know if they like me for ME.

I regret nearly all the times I used the word “bicameral” although it did save my life that once…

I regret not coming up with a tenth item for this list…

23 thoughts on “Regrets that I Rue-minate Over

      1. No, it’s really well written, but about 3/4 through there’s a twist, and it just turns the whole thing into a depressing nightmare

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      1. I had two siblings and we always squabbled. When my mother gave up Spaghettios with meatballs, she had to count out each meatball… and cut a meat ball into thirds if necessary… I still buy a can of them from time to time. And, the meatballs…ARE ALL MINE!!!!

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      1. I can do about thirty words a minute if I’m on a roll. Went from a large high school to a small one my senior year and I had to take a typing class because that was about all they had left for me to take…

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      2. We didn’t have typing classes at all (well, except for those optional night classes) if we were taking the academic stream. I must be older than you (61). Or it makes a difference, coming from a very small, rural province (??). Even in university in the early 80s, I submitted all my papers neatly hand-written, double spaced 🤷‍♀️ I really didn’t need to type until they introduced computers into our workplace in the late 90s. THEN I regretted not taking that course, although honestly, it doesn’t slow me down too much anymore (I do glance at the keyboard more than a trained typer would: I think that’s the big difference).

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      3. You are EXACTLY my age, although better preserved…

        I didn’t need to start typing until my senior year in college when I was creating engineering studies for a Unit Ops class. We lost five points for each misspelling and, on the day one was being delivered, I was told by someone that my spelling of “bottom” was wrong, so I had to white out a bunch of e’s and add ‘o’s longhand. A weird hybrid of typed and not typed…

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    1. I thought about one where I regret pushing the lead singer of the Beach Boys off a roof without checking to make sure he’d fall on the rest of the band because I thought it might be too dark…

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