The Giant Otter

14 thoughts on “The Giant Otter

  1. the return of the animal essays 🙂 loved it! Nobel prize committee on the other hand will be a pack of giant zoologists, so their interest might be Pirhanic

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  2. I really liked this, especially the bit about the domestic cat, and the bit about the vandalism (which didn’t occur cos you were here in Australia chatting up that kangaroo from across the road) and that bit about zoologists (they sound a bit like canaries to me)

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  3. Prize worthy indeed. It makes me wonder if the college curriculum mentions how much scat their future zoologists will be forced to examine. Seems like that would be a deal breaker to me.
    Now remind me again… where were we last weekend?

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      1. I thought the part about zoologists was so funny (and throwing it by its tail – oh my goodness 🙂 ) I know there are so many parts I enjoyed – another great piece!

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