More Literary Thoughts that I Wouldn’t Write Home About

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One day I hope to read a FULL autobiography; i.e., one that ends mid-sentence.

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When a fantasy books becomes a trilogy, that is an indicator that parts of the plot weren’t sufficiently fleshed out to the author’s satisfaction or that after the first book’s royalties the author could afford a nice house but NOT a pool.

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I hear Oedipus Rex is being made into a comedy called, Don’t Tell Mom I Killed Dad and then Married Her.  In the movie, the self-blinding will be accidental and involve a fire extinguisher.

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Is Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers a satire or a madcap romp?  Careful!  I guessed wrong and it cost me the use of my legs for nearly a month…

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I never much cared for Ernest Hemingway—which is odd because normally I really enjoy badly-executed prose produced by a closeted writer who overcompensates to make up for his doubts about his own masculinity.

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Edgar Allan Poe was among the first Americans to make a living from writing… a feat that would be even more laudable if he hadn’t died in poverty.

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Of all Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novels, The Brothers Karamazov is considered the one best suited to be a doorstop.

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Geoffrey Chaucer invented the “Rhyme Royal” form of poetry which was ABABBCC.  This was achieved by breeding a sonnet with a limerick.

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Lee Child is going to combine all of the Jack Reacher novels into one gigantic fifteen hundred page novel where a conspiracy so large that everyone in the world is in on and it can only be averted if Jack Reacher punches someone in the head on every page. Readers can start and stop at any point in the book…

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