This Day in History: October 8th

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Image result for chicago fire 1871The Great Chicago Fire started on this day in 1871, as if just being in Chicago wasn’t disaster enough.  The fire, encouraged by dry conditions and supported financially by high winds, grew out of control in the forty minutes it took fire-fighters to arrive.  Ultimately, dozens of urban blocks were burned to the ground, which is definitely less erotic than it sounds.

Image result for sigourney weaverDespite the initial stages of struggle between the USSR and the United States and the slow process of recovery after a devastating war, Signourney Weaver is born on this date in 1949.  She is best known for her portrayal of xenocidal maniac Ellen Ripley in the four Alien movies; and, being the woman who changed into a giant dog in Ghostbusters.

Image result for opium warThe Second Opium War began on this date in 1856 with the boarding of the British ship, The Arrow.  Britain wanted to sell opium to the Chinese and who were the Chinese to tell them different?  Historians don’t see the Second Opium War as much a war as a tag-team European beat-down on China’s already prone, fetal-positioned corpse.  The end result was cash and prizes for Britain, Russia and France; whereas, China had to eat its meals through a straw for a while.  I’m sure the opium helped…

Image result for solzhenitsynOn October 8th in 1970 Alexander Solzhenitsyn was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.  Works, such as The Gulag Archipelago and The Cancer Ward, drew upon his own experiences as a dissident in Stalinist Russia and as a male stripper in the South Boston area.  The Soviet government would not let Solzhenitsyn go to Stockholm to claim the prize, claiming that his departure would hamper the government’s efforts to make his life a living breathing tap-dancing hell…

Image result for ozzie nelsonThe Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet radio show premiered on this date in 1944.  Unlike the sit-coms of today, Ozzie and Harriet relied upon subtle gentle clean humor based upon the day to day experiences of a white middle-class family.  Suffice it to say it was as interesting as a gravel driveway.

Image result for matt damonStocky leading man Matt Damon was born on this day in 1970.  He is one of Hollywood’s most marketable actors despite the fact that he has no neck.  If you watch his movies carefully, you will notice that a stunt double is substituted whenever a role calls for the Bourne actor to turn from side to side.  His life is insured for a tremendous amount because studio executives feel it is only a matter of time before he steps in front of a bus…

21 thoughts on “This Day in History: October 8th

  1. I just saw Zombieland again recently – I love Bill Murray in that one. So funny. You cracked me up with “as a dissident in Stalinist Russia and as a male stripper in the South Boston area. ” today 🙂

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    1. The role of Bill Murray’s that amazed me the most (besides a great portrayal of FDR), was The Man Who Knew Too Little. The plot was just so stupid and unbelievable and he made a fantastic movie out of it. I was… in… AWE…

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  2. Strange, I heard the reason Solzhenitsyn didn’t go to Stockholm was the lack of poles for dancing. He’d gotten used to them working the South Boston circuit and didn’t want to lose muscle tone…

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  3. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet may have been “as interesting as a gravel driveway,” but most of today’s sitcoms are as dumb as a Donald Trump tweet (for want of a dumber example, if such a thing is possible).

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    1. I find about one sit-com a decade worth watching. The Honeymooners was the first, of course… Get Smart… All in the Family… There are very few. I know it isn’t “cool” to like the Big Bang Theory anymore but I will miss it…

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