A Random Thought Cannot be Bought

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I was in a bar once and in walked a priest, a rabbi and a minister.  I looked them over for a second and then exclaimed, “NOW I get it!”

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Are hot pants, short shorts and “Daisy Dukes” the same thing?  If they aren’t, I owe my Senator a letter of apology.

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I asked her if she loved me and she said she loved me as one might love an ear-infection… which really didn’t answer my question…

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I learned the hard way that there is more to faking your own death than not showing up for work and having your mail stopped.

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I think that there should be a law in Oklahoma that your house belongs to you regardless of where the tornado drops it.

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The tighter you hold onto love, the more likely it is to slip away; so, hold it over the sink.

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Slavery is just God’s way of keeping the average income down.

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Everyone likes sausage… but no one wants to see it being digested.

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I wanted to break it off with my girlfriend because she was too much of a perfectionist; so, I challenged her to a game of Hide-and-Seek.  I was “it”, she hid and I haven’t seen her since…

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Kindness is overrated; but, the person who rated it too highly was probably just being kind, so it’s okay…

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13 thoughts on “A Random Thought Cannot be Bought

      1. It seems to perform differently depending on your machine and internet service. At work, I can’t even go to some pages. At home, everything is okay…


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